Paramount, Walt Disney Motion Pictures, and L’Oréal Campaign with Brown Innovations Directional Speakers

Over the past year, Brown Innovations and UK-based company Limited Space partnered on a number projects, including campaigns for Paramount, Walt Disney Motion Pictures and L'Oreal. In the gallery below, notice two SB-47 SonicBeams sitting flush above each screen. These directional speakers deliver crystal clear audio just in front of the video wall without bouncing sound and disturbing employees working nearby. Visit malls across the UK including Bluewater, Metrocentre, Arndale and Bullring to see these in action!

Brown Innovations Unveils Directional Speakers with Directional Subwoofers

At the recent Cedia Expo in Dallas, TX, we introduced visitors to our latest innovation in the world of directional speakers - directional subwoofers. Check out the video above to see how listeners experience different "walls of sound" with this new advance in directional audio. 

Screen Bar Implements Revolutionary BarSound Directional Audio Technology

This autumn, Screen Bar in Singapore implemented the latest BarSound directional speaker technology from Brown Innovations so each table could enjoy a unique listening experience.  In addition to the Quadeo Sound Domes over the tables, Screen Bar also installed SonicBeam Directional speakers to keep sound isolated only to patrons standing at the main bar. In total, eleven Quadeo Sound Domes and two SonicBeam directional speakers were used. The installation is the first of it’s kind, and could prove to be a game-changer with how bars and restaurants utilize audio with multiple screens.

Check out Google’s Virtual Tour  by clicking on this picture: 

And here are a few more photos of the installation: 

After 20 years, Localizer Sound Dome Still a Directional Sound Staple

After more than 20 years, our original directional speaker - the sound dome Localizer- still stands as a popular directional sound solution.  Because Brown Innovations holds a patent on the sound dome's unique hemispheric design, we provide the world's most precise audio isolation. The dome is able to deliver superior stereo sound because the hemisphere acts as a lens, creating an audio "hologram" where the sound is actually heard as if the speakers were floating just outside of the listener's ears. Until the development of the Sound Dome Localizer, this highly focused stereo listening experience was previously available only through headphones. Today, clients use our sound dome in lieu of headphones for countless applications.