10 Applications for Directional Speakers

1. Retail

It's no secret that blaring sound will get your display unplugged. That's why directional sound is so important for retail applications. High quality directional speakers will deliver your message and prevent audio from spilling into unintended listening areas. Our directional speakers have even been used for outdoor retail applications.


2. Airport 

Directional sound is the perfect solution for airport applications. Between screens running news, kiosks and interactive displays, directional speakers prevent airports from becoming cacophonous spaces. 


3. Museum 

Directional speakers are essential to museum environments, especially when multiple displays are installed in close proximity to one another. We are all too familiar with applications like these. But what about broader zones? Directional speakers for larger zones where sound must be contained are the perfect solution. 

4. Restaurant

The possibilities are limitless in restaurant applications. From beaming sound to people seated across a bar to focusing audio to entire tables, directional speakers are the perfect solution for showing multiple games with audio in a single space. Or in multiple spaces! 

5. Videoconferencing

Directional speakers are a game-changer for videoconferencing applications. Especially when they're paired with highly directional microphones where the videoconferencing takes place in a public environment. 


6. Education

Schools, colleges and universities have created incredible collaborative learning environments using directional speakers. 


7. Control Room 

For control room operators, wearing bulky headphones for hours at a time can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. Thanks to sound domes and other directional speakers, operators can work for hours without the annoyance of troublesome headphones. 

8. Dance Floor

Believe it or not, directional speakers can be used to focus sound to large zones like dance floors. Gone are the days when outdoor clubs worried about noise ordinances and disturbing nearby neighbors or residences. With directional subwoofers, it's easier than ever to focus high quality sound. 

9. Kiosks

Flush-mountable directional speakers discreetly deliver sound to kiosk users, in indoor and outdoor applications. 

10. Banking 

In a banking application, our directional speakers are perfect for videoconferencing with bank tellers. A directional microphone allows the user to keep their voice at a low level, while a directional speaker above keeps sound focused to the user's ears.