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Totally focused on you.

We are unique, just like your project. Our designs are patented and our technology unmatched. Choose from over 40 different products designed to create zones of high quality directional audio matching the needs of your environment and budget. Let our design team customize a solution to fit your application.

These are without a doubt the only directional speakers I have ever heard that have a sound that I can get behind and be happy to implement. And I have heard a lot of different companies speakers. I heard this product and was absolutely blown away, amazing sound quality...
— The Henry Ford Museum

We’re in the process of finishing our application development at the Regan Ranch Center, and so far we’re very impressed with the SB-40 units. You guys are definitely at the head of the pack in terms of focused audio playback. It’s really stunning!
— Stimulant

The Sound Business Decision

With over 20 years in the directional audio industry, our client list includes thousands of companies worldwide. Try our directional speakers to experience the clearest, most focused way to deliver audio to your target listeners while providing the highest quality directional sound.

Make the Most out of Your Multimedia

Our challenge in designing exhibits that incorporate interactive media, is focusing audio to where it is needed and not beyond. Your speaker provides crisp, clean directional audio better than any other single directional speaker system we have used in the past.
— Click Point Ranch

Our team of engineers design and manufacture our patented directional audio technology in Boston, MA. Interactive multimedia presentations have become a driving force in today’s marketplace. Our Sound Dome, SonicBeam and Directional Subwoofer speaker line offer complete directional sound solutions for any environment or application. That's why our speakers are found wherever high quality audio needs to be controlled.