Directional Speaker Add-ons

Customize your directional speaker with SmartVolume, sensors, two-way communication, and bluetooth. For an all-in-one solution, pair your directional speaker with the Myriad to store audio files on a memory card, activate sound via sensor, and maintain appropriate volume levels at all times. Get the accessories you need to optimize your directional audio system.



Your audio will never be too loud or soft with the SmartVolume add-on. It's like having a full-time employee controlling the volume 24 hours a day. When the environment grows louder the speaker’s volume automatically increases. When it gets quieter, the levels decrease.



Everybody’s videoconferencing, but nobody’s videoconferencing in public... Until now. Hold private conversations in public spaces with our Vocalizer technology. A special microphone allows users to keep their voice at a whisper, while audio precisely focused to their ears cannot be heard by others steps away. Perfect for video conferencing, phones, or use with computers.


Sensor Activation

Our  sensor activates your looped audio presentation when a user steps up to your display and stops audio when the user steps away.


SD Card

With this upgrade, an SD card slot is built directly into your amplifier, making it easy for your to load your audio presentation onto your card and pop it right into your amp.