How To Tune Your Directional Speaker


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Before you begin, please read about the psychoacoustic effect. Also, make sure you set-up the system in a real-world-type environment. Offices and conference rooms are not ideal spaces for directional speakers. An open environment with ambient noise will work best. If no ambient noise is present, try using a white noise machine or creating some sort of background noise (e.g., a fan) to simulate true ambient conditions.

Step 1: Stand in the listening zone of the speaker while holding the Myriad amplifier. Start with the volume knob on the amp turned completely off.

Step 2: Slowly increase the volume so your audio presentation is just audible in the listening area.

Step 3: Step out of the listening area in order to experience the drop-off.

Step 4: Once the levels are set, have a friend - who has not participated in the set-up - come experience the directionality. Do not tell them audio is playing.  Simply ask them to come stand in front of the speaker. 

Remember: If the volume is much louder than the ambient noise in the surrounding environment, the speaker will bleed more than it should. The rule of thumb for maximum sound-confining effect in any environment is to adjust the volume of the directional speaker to a comfortable level, just above the level of ambient sound.