Brown Innovations Directional Audio Technology in Miami: Demonstration at Shore Club South Beach May 10th-11th

Brown Innovations is a 20 year old company that makes directional audio products capable of creating isolated audio zones. Our speakers are in every commercial environment indoors and outdoors such as hospitals, universities, outdoor kiosks, digital signage, museums, trade shows, lobbies and … hospitality. Our patented technology allows you to create a zone of  high fidelity audio and focus it to just one person or a large group without disturbing surround areas and neighbors.

The Shore Club Hotel has been forced to turn off audio by the outdoor pool areas due to complaints, and they have asked us to solve their problem.

We have a solution. Our engineers have developed a high powered directional speaker and subwoofer ( ) and we will be demonstrating our technology  May 10th and 11th in the outdoor pool area of the Shore Club Hotel South Beach.

Our directional speakers are for every location in Miami that has been struggling to comply with city ordinances.  Business owners can stop worrying about fines for noise violations, and complaints from angry and frustrated residents.

Please let me know a time you can stop by and I will make myself available to introduce you to directional audio.   maria@browninnovations.comn