3 Reasons You Need Directional Speakers in Your Next Project

1. To Keep Your Audio Under Control

Imagine you're an employee at a retail chain. An AV company recently installed a nearby interactive display, but they outfitted it with traditional speakers. Sound blaring, you have not choice but to save your sanity and unplug the display. 

This is a scenario we are all too familiar with. Most have learned the lesson to not use traditional speakers in public environments - they send sound everywhere. A great directional speaker keeps sound focused to targeted listening zones - and sounds good too.    


2. To Always Keep Your Audio at the Perfect Volume

But what happens in your store over the course of a day? In the morning, it is quiet. But when the doors open,  the ambient noise can fluctuate greatly over the course of the day. 

The solution? SmartVolume, an integrated microphone that continuously samples the ambient noise. Based on these samples, the volume raises or lowers to keep your audio at an appropriate level above the ambient noise at all times. 

3. To Cover an Area With Sound That Fits Your Needs 

Most directional speakers focus sound to one person only. And that's great if you want to focus sound to just one listener. But what if you want to focus sound to 5 people, or 10 people, or a broad zone? 

We make directional speakers that cover any size area with sound. Our SB-47s can be used with  directional subwoofers to deliver full-sounding audio inside the listening zone, and not disturb others. No matter what your application calls for, a directional audio solution exists that fits your needs and budget.