Directional Speakers For Any Application

We offer a complete line of directional sound solutions any application.


From our directional speaker models designed for one person, to directional sound systems for broad zones, even videoconferencing, we provide a solution for every environment and any application. Check out one of the demonstrations below and hear for yourself. 

This video shows two completely different audio sources playing back to back in a 5 by 20' area. Notice you don't hear anything until the camera is positioned between the two speakers. 

A variety of directional sound solutions are showcased, including the EJ-22, SB-47,  and SB-47 with directional subwoofer (Infocomm 2017).

A demonstration of our SB-47 directional speakers with directional subwoofers (Cedia 2016). 


This video includes a demonstration of directionality for the Single Localizer Sound Dome, the SB-24 and the SB-47.  

Directional speakers showing the audio focusing abilities of the Single Localizer Sound Dome, SonicBeams, and Maestro (stereo). Raw footage shot without edit or audio adjustment.

This video shows a demonstration of our SB-24 directional speaker.