Quick Installation Guide SonicBeam Directional Speakers


Our SonicBeams are quick and easy to install yourself. 

Before you begin, be sure you have the following:

  • Myriad II Amplifier
  • Power Supply
  • Speaker
  • Cables: USB Vable, Audio Cable, 3 (2 for SB-47) Conductor Speaker Wire
  • 3 Conductor Mic Wire 

1) Connect the mic and speaker wire to the amplifier and the speaker. If the system does not have the SmartVolume feature, no mic connection is required. 

SB-24 and SB-40 Models

 SB-18 and SB-47 Models


2) Connect audio cable to the amplifier and speaker. USB connection is for software setting adjustments, sensors and SmartVolume. There are no audio over USB capabilities. 


3) Connect the power supply to the amplifier. Plug the power supply into an outlet. 


4) Push the power button on the front of the amplifier. 


5) Play the program on the player and check the speaker for sound. 


Troubleshooting Tips

No audio but LED is on: 

  1. Be sure power button is pressed in
  2. Be sure mic and speaker wires are not swapped
  3. Plug audio cable into alternate known source

Unable to adjust volume: Pot is intentionally off (set in software)

LED is off: Check outlet power

LED flashes: Check outlet power and power switch is in (USB power only) 

LED flashes green and red: 

  1. Green indicates presence of audio
  2. Red indicates the presence of some power
  3. LED may show red and green with only USB power but without speaker power