Why Our Directional Speakers?

No matter the application, we have a directional audio solution to make your multimedia presentation more compelling than ever before. Unlike other companies, we offer focused sound solutions that sound great and meet the needs of your specific size space and environment. 

“Before the renovation, audio bleed was a major issue. We addressed it with Brown Innovations focusing array loudspeakers strategically placed to keep patterns tight, give better directionality, and minimize bleed.”
— The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Museum

With over 20 years in the directional audio industry, our client list includes thousands of companies worldwide. Try our directional speakers to experience the clearest, most focused way to deliver audio to your target listeners while providing the highest quality directional sound.

Our team of engineers design and manufacture our patented directional audio technology in Boston, Massachusetts. From the Sound Dome to our SonicBeam speaker line for digital signage, we offer complete directional sound solutions for any environment or application. That's why our speakers are found wherever high quality audio needs to be controlled.