SB-24 SonicBeam Directional Speaker


Provides focused audio for one or two listeners. Perfect for applications requiring discreet audio delivery. Customize for SmartVolume or sensor options

Isolated Listening Region

The main listening area is directly in front of speaker.


Our standard amp delivers audio in mono; can be wired for stereo for additional cost. Customize with Myriad for SmartVolume capabilities and sensor options


Frequency Response

150Hz – 20kHz, +/- 2dB*

*When using standard amp only


Amplifier Power Requirements

Minimum: 1 watt per channel

Maximum: 25 watts peak per channel



100 dB SPL 1 watt, 1 meter


4 Ω stereo, 8 Ω mono



Physical Dimensions

23.75" W x 2.625"H x 2.0"D (603mm x 67mm x 51mm)  


Mounting grommets placed 15" apart found on top of speaker. Bracket available for mounting. 



2.4lbs (1.08kg)


Power Supply

17 Vac 1.25 Amp

120 Vac external wall pack supplied

100 Vac and 220 Vac available