Directional Sound and Retail 

How directional audio solved acoustical problems for Adidas at their flagship in New York City. 


Imagine you're a retail store employee. Your corporate office just installed an audio visual installation at your location. Now imagine traditional speakers were included as part of the installation. 


Blaring audio in a retail environment can wreak havoc on your installation. Inevitably, store employees will disconnect your sound sources. Adidas faced this exact problem at the flagship store in New York City. What can AV integrators do to prevent this from happening? 


Thanks to our high quality directional speakers, and our directional subwoofers, integrators can confidently include audio in their installations. At their flagship, Adidas wanted to contain high quality sound to a small-scale basketball court. Brown Innovations utilized SB-47 directional speakers 

This 45,000 square foot space spans four floors and includes the latest tech-infused retail concepts. Visitors entering the store walk through tunnels like an athlete entering a field. Bleachers set up overlooking 5th avenue allow shoppers to watch the street or check out a game on the TV's. A virtual  basketball court outlined by neon lights hangs overhead in the middle of the store.  Amazingly, crystal clear dance floor music can be heard as full fidelity sound immerses the listener from overhead directional speakers by Brown Innovations. Take one step out of bounds and the music seems to magically disappear.

When it comes to directional audio, low frequency sound waves or bass have always been difficult to contain to a specified zone. Brown Innovations has been at the forefront of directional audio technology for over 20 years, and the latest directional subwoofer technology does not disappoint. Finally, full sounding movie quality audio can be enjoyed in a public space without disturbing others.